Tourist in Bergen? Suggestions, DOs and DONTS

So you are in Bergen. The city between the 7 mountains, and therefore the rainiest (you cant even imagine) city of them all. But dont worry. We are used to the rain here, so there are lots to do. And sometimes in the summer there is sun. If you havent yet figured out what to do while staying, here is a couple of suggestions. These fab suggestions is also from a neutral person, as I do not earn any money whatsoever on this particular blog... actually this is mostly for my mother, whom I love.

But first... how to avoid tourist traps and making the smarter choice

Not do this Instead do this
Buy stuff at the fishmarked Buy fresh shrimps/mussels at the foodstore called "Rema 1000" closeby on Strandkaien.. they taste the same and you save A LOT of money
Buy stuff at Bryggen, like little trolls and viking hats Buy something from the local businesses in and around the street called "Skostredet". If your into music, visit the store called "Robot".
Take Taxis, it is so expensive here Buy a bus card. Also expensive, but a cheaper choice. The busses ride until 1 am and 3 am in the weekends.

Caf BarBarista

This particular Caf is super cozy and is owned by a cool alternative couple. The place is filled with nips and art, even the seiling is not to be seen. Its awesome. They also serve a great variety og coffee and drinks. I would suggest the waffles and every drink on the menu. The place is situated in the street over Bryggen. It is crowded on the evenings in the weekends, but other than that plenty of room. They also host second hand markets and have a great backyard. The place has also won an award from Bergen Pride for best cooperation.

Bergen Kaffebrenneri BKB

This is an awesome place on Mhlenpris (on the other side of town).It is very close to the park, Nygrdsparken, where you should definitely hang out sometime.

I would only suggest it to people who are specially interested in coffee, as they burn the beans themselves. You can see the process while drinking your daily dose of caffeine, which is pretty neat.


This is the park I enjoy the most in Bergen. It is pretty crowded on a sunny day, but there is always room for you. Buy a couple of beers/something cold in the store and just relax and enjoy. You can also buy a "disposable grill" for aprox 20 kr. There are all kinds of people there, everything between the yoga-entusiast to the typical norwegian student.


My definite favourite street in Bergen. This isthe place to browse local businesses, look at the artsy walls or have a coffee. Id go there ANY DAY!

Fishcakes. Bergen tradition at the finest

What is better than enjoying an otherwise gray day with the best fishcakes you will ever taste? Eat some fishcakes at the local tiny "restaurants" Anne Madam and Sstrene Hagelin. They are so tasty and the owner is almost always there (Anne Madam) to welcome you and explain the history behind the fishcakes. They are locally made and taste like Bergen. What better way to brighten up the day. Your life will never be the same after youve tasted these fishcakes.

Late nights at Fincken

If you enjoy gay bars you should definitely visit Fincken. The atmosphere is very free, loose and friendly. The crowd varies both in age, gender, sexuality and personality. Everyone is of course welcome, and the beer is cheaper than other places. They also make a really good "Sure ftter" which you SHOULD try if you like drinks.

Pizza at Ferdinand p Engen

Near the National theatre in Bergen there is a caf called Ferdinand p Engen. The furniture is retro and they have a great backyard. The Italian pizza is unforgettably tasty and they have a good variation of beers (both local and international brands). They do also have a significantly great taste in music.


This is a great choice on a sunny day. It is a walk from the city centre to the point of the city. It is completely dashing and you will have the opportunity to swim in the ocean. Nice..

Apollon bar and record shop

For all the music lovers. Its a great bar with a fantastic personell. But guess what? its also a frigging record shop. Awesome.

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